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Premium Wall Mounted Foldable Cloth Drying Stand/Hanger in 6 Pipes


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Material: Stainless Steel Grade 202

1 Year Product Warranty

Installation available in all major cities of India

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Features and Advantages of Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Foldable Cloth Drying Stands

The stainless steel wall mounted foldable cloth drying stand, particularly the 6-pipe model, offers a range of features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for modern households. One of the standout features is the material itself. Stainless steel is renowned for its durability, making these drying stands long-lasting investments. The inherent resistance to rust and corrosion ensures that the stand remains in pristine condition even with regular exposure to moisture and varying weather conditions.

A significant advantage of this drying stand is its robust strength. The stainless steel construction can support considerable weight, allowing you to dry multiple garments simultaneously without fear of the stand bending or collapsing. This is particularly beneficial for families or individuals who need to dry large amounts of laundry regularly.

The space-saving design is another notable feature. The wall-mounted aspect means the drying stand can be installed in areas where floor space is limited, such as balconies, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. When not in use, the foldable feature allows the stand to be neatly tucked away, freeing up valuable space and maintaining the room’s aesthetic appeal. This makes it an excellent choice for small living spaces where maximizing every square inch is crucial.

The 6-pipe configuration provides ample space for drying a variety of garments, from delicate items to heavier clothing. This setup ensures efficient air circulation around each item, promoting faster drying times.

Moreover, air drying clothes using this stand is an eco-friendly option that contributes to energy savings. By reducing reliance on electric dryers, you can lower your energy consumption and utility bills, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious households.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Foldable Cloth Drying Stands

Installing a stainless steel wall mounted foldable cloth drying stand is a straightforward process when approached methodically. Begin by selecting an appropriate location. Choose a spot that is not only convenient but also structurally sound to support the weight of wet clothes. Ideal locations include laundry rooms, balconies, or bathroom walls. Ensure the wall is capable of bearing the load, and avoid plaster or thin drywall.

Next, gather the necessary tools: a drill & a measuring tape. Start by measuring the height at which you want to install the stand. Mark the positions for the screw holes, ensuring they are level to maintain the stability of the drying stand. Drill the holes and insert wall anchors to provide additional support, especially if you are mounting on drywall. Secure the brackets with screws, making sure they are tightly fastened before attaching the drying stand.

Once installed, it is crucial to ensure that the stand is securely mounted. Test its stability by gently applying pressure. The stand should remain firm without any wobbling. Periodically check for any loose screws and tighten them as needed to maintain stability.

Maintenance of the stainless steel wall mounted foldable cloth drying stand involves regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of dirt and moisture, which can cause rusting even on stainless steel. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the stand and dry it thoroughly afterward. Additionally, inspect the folding mechanism to ensure it operates smoothly. Lubricate the joints if necessary to prevent stiffness and wear.

Size & No. of Pipes

2 Feet X 6 Pipes, 3 Feet X 6 Pipes, 4 Feet X 6 Pipes, 5 Feet X 6 Pipes, 6 Feet X 6 Pipes

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