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Wall Mounted Metal Shoe Cabinet/Organizer for Home with Doors & Lock, 3 Shelf

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  • With only 6 Inch Depth, Slim and occupies Minimal Space.
  • Lockable, Foldable.
  • Heavy Duty Mild Steel Sheet, Anti Rust, Water Resistant.
  • Store upto 9 pairs of footwears
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Introducing the Wall Mounted Metal Shoe Rack / Cabinet / Organizer with Doors and Lock, an epitome of sophistication and practicality designed to seamlessly blend with modern interiors while addressing the need for organized footwear storage. This premium-quality shoe organizer is crafted from durable, high-grade metal, ensuring longevity and robust performance.


1. Superior Construction:
Constructed from high-strength metal, this shoe rack offers exceptional durability and stability. The powder-coated finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides resistance against corrosion, rust, and wear, making it suitable for various environments including homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

2. Space-Saving Design:
As a wall-mounted unit, this shoe rack maximizes floor space, making it an ideal solution for smaller living areas. The sleek and minimalist design ensures that it complements various decor styles, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to any room.

3. Secure Storage with Lockable Doors:
The cabinet features lockable doors, providing an added layer of security for your valuable footwear collection. The good quality lock ensures that your shoes are safely stored, preventing unauthorized access and keeping them protected from dust and damage.

4. Ventilated Structure:
Strategically placed ventilation holes promote air circulation within the cabinet, preventing the buildup of moisture and odors, thereby maintaining the freshness of your shoes.

5. Easy Installation:
The product comes with all necessary mounting hardware. The robust wall anchors and screws provided guarantee a secure attachment to the wall, supporting the full weight of the cabinet and its contents.

6. Versatile Use:
Beyond shoes, this organizer can also be used for storing other items such as bags, accessories, or cleaning supplies, making it a versatile addition to any organizational setup. Its multifunctional nature enhances its utility in various settings, from residential to commercial spaces.

7. Elegant Aesthetics:
The contemporary design, characterized by clean lines and a smooth finish, adds a sophisticated touch to any room. Available in brown color, this shoe rack can be chosen to match your interior decor, ensuring a cohesive look.

8. Low Maintenance:
The metal construction and powder-coated finish make this cabinet easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep it looking new and pristine.


– Material: High-grade mild steel metal with powder-coated finish
– Dimensions: 41 x 26 x 6 Inches (102.5cm H x 66cm W x 15cm D)
– Weight: Approximately 12 kg
– Color: Brown
– Lock Type: Good-quality mechanical lock with two keys
– Installation: Wall-mounted with included hardware
– Ventilation: Built-in ventilation holes
– Shelves: 3 Foldable shelves


Ideal for use in residential entryways, closets, mudrooms, garages, and walk-in closets, this shoe rack is also suitable for commercial environments such as offices, gyms, and retail stores. Its secure, organized storage makes it perfect for anyone looking to declutter their space and keep their footwear collection in pristine condition.


The Wall-Mounted Metal Shoe Rack / Cabinet / Organizer with Doors and Lock is the ultimate solution for stylish, secure, and space-saving shoe storage. Its durable construction, elegant design, and practical features make it a valuable addition to any home or commercial space. Invest in this organizer to enhance your space’s organization, aesthetics, and security.

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