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Premium Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger in 6 Pipes (Full Frame Model)


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Material: Stainless Steel Grade 202

1 Year Product Warranty

Installation available in all major cities of India

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6-Pipe Ceiling Cloth Dryer Full Frame Model For Your Balcony

The stainless steel ceiling cloth dryer with a 6-pipe system is designed to maximize the drying efficiency of your laundry. The configuration of the five pipes is such that they are evenly spaced to allow for optimal air circulation around the clothes. This setup ensures that garments dry uniformly and quickly, reducing the risk of damp spots and mildew.

The installation process of the 6-pipe ceiling cloth dryer is straightforward but requires some basic tools such as a drill and a measuring tape, for that you may hire a professional carpenter. Begin by measuring the ceiling space where you intend to mount the dryer. Once you’ve determined the appropriate location, use the drill to create holes for the screws. Securely fasten the mounting brackets to the ceiling, ensuring they are level and able to support the weight of the dryer and clothes. Finally, attach the 6-pipe unit to the brackets, making sure it is securely anchored.

Using the stainless steel ceiling cloth dryer is simple. Load your clothes onto the pipes, ensuring that the garments are evenly distributed to prevent overloading any single pipe. You can adjust the position of the pipes to accommodate larger items or to create more space between clothes for better airflow. To optimize drying, it’s advisable to periodically rotate the garments, especially thicker fabrics, to ensure even exposure to air.

Maintenance of the 6-pipe ceiling cloth dryer is minimal but essential for long-term functionality. Regularly check the screws and brackets to ensure they remain tight and secure. Clean the pipes periodically to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate. This not only helps in maintaining the drying efficiency but also extends the lifespan of the dryer.

In summary, stainless steel ceiling cloth dryers with a 6-pipe configuration present a practical and efficient solution for modern homes. Their durable construction, combined with the space-saving ceiling-mounted design, offers a superior alternative to traditional drying methods. The thoughtful engineering behind these appliances ensures they meet the demands of contemporary living, providing both functionality and convenience.


Size & No. of Pipes

4 Feet X 5 Pipes, 4 Feet X 6 Pipes, 5 Feet X 5 Pipes, 5 Feet X 6 Pipes, 6 Feet X 5 Pipes, 6 Feet X 6 Pipes, 7 Feet X 5 Pipes, 7 Feet X 6 Pipes, 8 Feet X 6 Pipes

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